I'm still alive!

For those of you inquiring or wondering, I'm alive and well in SoCal. Here's a photo of me on Jan. 3rd at the Mexican border:

I'm sorry I haven't been updating the blog. Between often not having internet access and/or being with people and not wanting to excuse myself to hunker down over my computer for hours, I've let the blog slide. I still hope to have it up-to-date within the next week or two.

Yesterday I left San Diego heading east. I hope to be in Phoenix by mid-January.


  1. Short sleeved jersey!!!
    Struth, I've just been camping out at -10C!
    So I guess you're going east now. I've heard its so much more exciting just over the border... Juarez is supposed to have a real buzz about it.

  2. it's about time! We thought we might have to call out the 'Federales' to see where you were!

    Take care and have fun

  3. Thanks Lance!

    And Nathan, where in the world are you that you're camping in 14F/-10C weather?!

  4. Bryan,

    Congratulations on your success so far. You should be very proud.

    Of all the places you have seen so far, what is the one location you would say you would have to see again if possible?

    Tours Northwest

  5. Hell yeah Bryan! I am stoked you made it down the coast. Do you need me to send you Eastbound and Down for your pedal to Key West?


  6. Thanks Richard! If I had to pick one place to return to, it would be the Redwood Forests and coastline of Northern California. I was there in pretty miserable weather. I would love to be there around late September with nice weather. It's an amazing area.

    And thanks Tom! Don't know what Eastbound and Down is, though.

  7. Happy New Year Bryan! Glad to see you are pedaling East now :) Enjoy the beautiful Sonoran desert of Arizona \/

  8. It is the classic song from Smokey and the Bandit! Here is the youtube link.


  9. Ooohhh, of course. Great song. Good reference, Tom!

  10. Hi Bryan!
    Congratulations on your progress so far!
    I was thinking of you today and I have to say I am so inspired! I was thinking that if all you did was make it from Neah Bay to the Mexican Border...well THAT rocks, but you are going for the gold...and I don't mean Texas tea. We're talking the SUN in Key West! I hope you are having the time of your life!
    Peace and warm regards, Liz

  11. Hey Bryan!

    It's Jan 29th! Where are you? Are you OK?

  12. Thanks for asking! I'm doing great; just haven't been blogging. I'll send a group email when it's updated...soon.

  13. Feb 3rd, where is Bryan? -Tom

  14. Hi Tom! I'm in Balmorhea, TX.

    I've just about got a big ol' butt-load...er, bike-load of pictures, video and narrative ready to post to the blog. Will have it up tonight and will send a group email then.

  15. Remember Salvation Mountain in Niland, Ca? Congratulations Bryan! I enjoyed your company.