How to make time slow down

Monday, Nov. 22, 2010
Feeling much better in my "bike-saddle region," this morning I headed south.

Shot this video when the rain let up as I rode along the coast from Lincoln City to Yachats:

(I was right about the pelicans––they're California Brown Pelicans. They're going to Palm Springs to spend the winter sitting next to the pool and playing golf. But I was wrong about the rock––it's basalt, not andesite. Still volcanic.)

Today I was thinking, I started this trip only three weeks ago? It's amazing me how much time has slowed down since I started. November 2nd seems like two months ago.

I suspect the perception of plasticity of time has to do with the fact that speed is relative. Fruit flies, because they're cruising around having a variety of new experiences, probably feel like they have long lives. And 2,000 year old Sequoias, because they're sitting doing nothing; every day/month/year/century just like the last, feel like their lives are painfully short.

Wait, this is common knowledge, isn't it?

Tonight I'm at the Ya'tel Motel in Yachats (YAH-hots; rhymes with straw rots). Here's the sign in front of the motel:


  1. Bryan! Back on the road. Nice. Nice. Great footage of the coast. Much better than here, where it's -10 degrees or something like that. I'm very excited to hear more of your journey. What's the Thanksgiving plans?


  2. Just got back from vacation and excited to read your posts. Awesome! Glad you started before the snow and freezing temps. Back on the road! Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow Bryan.

  3. Opps, that last Anonymous was Naomi. :)

  4. Bryan, It's good to see you missed our snow an ice, although it is beautiful, not sure how it would be to bike across it. You are quite the rider lol.. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I cant wait to check the blog you set up, it's pretty amazing how far you have already been!! Keep safe an enjoy life... Dee