Sequim to Poulsbo

Friday, Nov. 5, 2010
Friday morning, I set out on the 43 mile trip to Poulsbo.

About two hours in, the rain began. Not so much rain as drenching mist. And because it increased so gradually, I never stopped to put on my rain pants, so that by the time I reached Poulsbo I was completely soaked to the skin. I guess this is what I signed up for.

I found the Nunes' house a few blocks off (quaint) Front Street in Poulsbo and Kate, Ron and Elizabeth to welcome me. Oh, and Dart, the most energetic dog I'd ever seen!  Dart is a French Brittany, and here he is gamely modeling his Halloween costume:
The Nune family could not possibly have been more gracious, easygoing, friendly and accommodating. What a treat after such a wet, miserable ride. Kate cooked an amazing meal and over dinner they told me all about their 2006 cross-country bike trip on a triple-tandem! They were moving from Jacksonville, FL to Poulsbo, WA and instead of driving or flying out like most people would, they decided to ride a bicycle! Hurray! They have a gorgeous hardback photo-book documenting their amazing trip and after dinner they shared it with me. Very inspiring!

Here are Ron, Kate, Elizabeth and Dart:
Such great people.

This is the thing that has most thrilled me on this trip; the great people along the way: Jim, Larry, Debbie, Jackie, Courtney, the Nunes. If this is a harbinger of what's to come, I'm in for an incredible next few months!

Here're a few photos of the Norwegian-themed Front St. in Poulsbo:

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