Sekiu to Port Angeles

Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010
Awoke to a beautiful sunrise. This was the view from my room:

I stopped at the Breakwater restaurant for breakfast as I was heading out of town. Walking in, I was greeted by the only other customer in the place; a friendly guy who was sitting at the counter. We got to chatting after he asked where I was biking from. Turns out Jim was a fellow cyclist who'd ridden this summer from Bar Harbor, Maine, and like me, this had been his first long-distance bike tour. I had a number of questions for him and he gave me some good advice. (Jim, I ended up getting those Pearl Izumi shorts per your recommendation.) AND, Jim paid for my breakfast!

This is Jim:

Leaving Sekiu, the ride turned brutal!

If I had been smart enough to get into shape before starting this trip, the 53 miles between Sekiu and Port Angeles on Hwy 112 would've still been rough. But being soft and mushy as I am, it was horrible. Fortunately, the weather was gorgeous because if it had been pouring rain I don't think I would've made it.

Most of the landscape in the area is hideous looking: raped by logging. And the logging trucks! Good god! I was probably passed by 30 trucks (all loaded with logs) on twisty, narrow roads with little or no shoulder to ride on.

But obviously I made it into downtown Port Angeles.

Tonight I'm at a great hotel (The Downtown Hotel) in the center of town. Port Angeles seems like a nice town; reminds me a lot of Olympia.

Here's the view down Front St. with The Downtown Hotel visible on the right:


  1. Hey Brian, WOW!! What an awesome adventure you are undertaking. I will be following you on this journey for sure. Not sure if your route takes you through Atlanta but you have a warm meal and a place to rest if you need. Best of wishes and Godspeed to you.

  2. Hey, Bryan - best o' luck on your ride! Sounds awesome. I'll look forward to seeing your progress via the blog.

  3. Hi Jon! Thanks for the invite but I'll be quite a ways south of Atlanta. I am going to look up your bro when I pass through Portland.

    Glad to have you following along.


  4. Steph! Good to hear from you. Glad to have you on board, too!