My first encounter with a fellow touring fellow

Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2010
Needing to pick up a couple of things at Fred Meyer and get my bike cleaned and lubed (Riding in the rain, the water and road grit and grime wreak havoc on the chain and derailleurs.), I stayed another day in Florence.

Riding back from Fred Meyer, I happened upon the first touring cyclist I've yet seen. Nathan:

Nathan hails from Reading, UK, and is riding from Prudoe Bay, Alaska down to Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina. 18,000 miles! Jeez, makes my ride look like a little jaunt around the block!

We chatted for a bit, exchanged website info and bid each other adieu.

Nathan's website:

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  1. Hey Bryan,
    Hope things are going well and you're recovering from your "situation". Cheers!