2nd day in Gold Beach

Sunday, Nov. 28, 2010
The bleeding stopped, so I'm able to take a picture of my sliced finger:

Still feeling a few residual issues with my "bike-saddle region," I decide to spend another day off the bike. Besides, Gold Beach is a nice little town to hang out in.

Went to Gold Beach Books. Picked up a biography about Samuel Adams (the Founding Father––not the beer brewer).

Took this photo in the coffee shop attached to the bookstore:
Isn't this what you expect in a small town––two local guys chatting over a cup of joe at the local coffee shop?

Problem with staying in motels (besides the expense incurred) is that I end up watching too much TV. Not having TV at home, it's exciting to have so many shows and channels to watch! Except that it's all pretty worthless and a waste of time. 99% of it is rubbish. Must...resist!

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