Westport to Fort Bragg

Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2010
The ride from Westport to Fort Bragg is only 15 miles but I didn't feel like riding any further. Besides, I'd decided to take Wednesday as a rest day as my muscles were feeling a bit thrashed and the next town south was Mendocino which doesn't have any modestly-priced motels. (It was supposed be raining Tuesday evening and possibly the next couple of days so camping was not in the cards.)

This part of the California coast––US 1 from Westport to San Francisco––is pretty swanky; very few budget motels, but lots of B&Bs, upscale resorts and "inns," some connected with wineries or spas. That sort of thing. I've learned that anytime you see lodging that lists Wedding/Honeymoon/Romantic-Getaway Specials, it's going to be pricey. (People might go to Motel 6 for a getaway, but it's not the romantic variety.)

I guess Fort Bragg isn't a "romantic" destination because it has a number of reasonably-priced motels, such as the Surf Motel, which I checked in to on Tuesday afternoon.

Rode back into the quaint part of Fort Bragg––you could call it the "historic district"––to Headlands Coffee, a great little coffee shop which has a very Portland-esque vibe.


  1. Wish you had pics. I love seeing them.

  2. You want pictures? Oh man, you're gonna get pictures. This was the lull before the tempest.

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