Gold Beach

Saturday, Nov. 27, 2010
After replacing my blood-soaked bandage and finding the bleeding under control, I set off for Gold Beach, 28 miles away.

After yesterday's nastiness, the weather today was better, although still got a bit wet.

I'm getting way too many photos of the Oregon coastline, but can't resist photographing the bizarre rock formations. Like this:

What powerful forces at work to tilt and shift the ground like this. Incredible!

And who can resist photographing a rainbow?

Arrived in Gold Beach at the mouth of the Rogue River. Named for a nearby beach where gold had been mined.

Nice little small town.

What I like about these small towns is they fly under the corporations' radar. No Starbucks, Walmart, Rite Aid, Applebees, McDonalds, Barnes and Noble, etc. Instead you have Gold Beach Books (w/ coffee shop), The Port Hole Cafe, McKay's Market, the pharmacy, Barnacle Bistro, etc.

So many medium-size towns now have lost their character; every one the same as the next: Here's the KFC next to the Taco Bell next to the Pizza Hut, and over there in that mammoth complex is the Walmart, the Safeway and the Walgreens, and then there's the Home Depot across the massive intersection from the Starbucks and Barnes & Noble.

Every town just like the last...and the next.


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