The Golden State!

Monday, Nov. 29, 2010
I can't remember the last time I took off without wearing my rain pants. Today the weather was terrific (well, at least not raining), so left Gold Beach.

Four and a half hours later I arrived at the southern Oregon border:

And lo and behold, I turned around, and:

A lot of farmland in California. Here's the old downtown area of Smith River, CA:

We're definitely not in Oregon anymore:

An unusual gift shop/museum (museum?):

After riding past Pelican Bay State Prison, one of the nation's Supermax prisons, arrived in Crescent City––one of those medium-size cities I was disparaging in a previous post. Corporate Town, USA.

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  1. Did you see the results of the tsunami from years ago in Crescent City?

    Loved all the Oregon coastal pictures and video - no, you didn't take too many!