Thursday, Dec. 2, 2010
Before leaving Orick, I put plastic/mylar (typical grocery) bags over my shoes and taped them around my ankles. It was 47 miles to Eureka, much of it in heavy precipitation, and the grocery bags kept my feet perfectly dry!

Passed this very "California" house in McKinleyville:

After McKinleyville comes Arcata, home of Humboldt State University (northernmost of the California State University system), then Eureka.

Tonight I'm at a motel in downtown Eureka.

Eureka is the largest town I've been in since leaving Portland. The population of Eureka is probably close to 30,000.

Like the San Francisco area, Eureka is chock full of Victorian-era architecture. Apparently, due to its location in Northern California and poor economic conditions, Eureka didn't experience the post-WWII redevelopment and "urban renewal" that so many other communities experienced in the 1950's, 60's and 70's. Therefore, hundreds of Victorian residential and commercial buildings from Eureka's boom in the mid-late 1800's have survived, most in spectacular condition. (The economic boom in the mid-late 1800's was from the logging industry.)

Here're are a few houses that were blocks from my motel:

And what many consider to be the greatest, or at least most extravagant, example of Victorian style of any house in the United States, the Carson Mansion (W. Carson was a logging baron):

They just yesterday lit it for the season:


  1. Hey Brian - these photos are beautiful! I thought of you often as I drove and drove across Texas after the Thanksgiving holiday. It took forever in a car and I imagined myself on a bicycle doing the same. Kudoos to you my friend! Keep the wonderful posts coming.

    You definitely have great material for a book and a film for the Banff Film Festival!

  2. Thanks Diann! Yes, Texas is HUGE. And I've heard, not very bike friendly. Should be interesting!